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  Jakub Roztocil 18501c7d16 Test --spec with GitHub’s new OpenAPI description 3 months ago
  Dennis Frommknecht c5a393d50d support parameter references in swagger spec (#150) 3 months ago
  Jakub Roztocil 2616a7f737 Drop Python 2.7 & six 3 months ago
  Jakub Roztocil 88c28964cc Drop TravisCI, Appveyor and Tox in favor of GitHub Actions 3 months ago
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  Yi EungJun 0d781b19c6 Support httpie >= 2.0.0 (#170) 3 months ago
  Jakub Roztocil 8fbb13a67c skip a test with broken external dependency 3 months ago
  Jakub Roztocil bc0856b539 https 3 months ago
  Jakub Roztocil dd874fd3d2 Merge pull request #146 from dargad/snapcraft 3 months ago
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  Chang-Hung Liang 189321f25e Merge pull request #149 from dfrommi/swagger-yaml 1 year ago
  Dennis Frommknecht 52267fbdce support swagger spec in yaml format 1 year ago
  Dariusz Gadomski 8b3c668563 Add snapcraft.yaml to enable snap builds. 2 years ago
  Chang-Hung Liang 800e2e9619 Bump version to 1.0.0 :tada: 2 years ago
  Chang-Hung Liang c50050008c Merge pull request #145 from KiranBaktha/my_tropical_branch 2 years ago
  kiranbaktha b65f6e3c16 Trailing slash in path #143 2 years ago
  kiranbaktha 6b69843edc Issue #126 and add clear console feature 2 years ago
  Chang-Hung Liang 448cc5e2e3 Merge pull request #144 from KiranBaktha/my_tropical_branch 2 years ago
  kiranbaktha 964cb9232f Add HTTP CONNECT request 2 years ago
  Chang-Hung Liang 87f1e9d82f Bump version to 0.11.2 2 years ago
  Chang-Hung Liang d01100391f Merge pull request #141 from eliangcs/refactor-swagger-basepath 2 years ago
  Chang-Hung Liang 48eb465ffb Refactor OpenAPI basePath support added by #140 2 years ago
  Chang-Hung Liang 5e4a40f1bf Merge pull request #140 from nheisterkamp/master 2 years ago